Grand Design Nubians

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Abelity Super*B's Yes-A-Twinkl 1*M

     Sire: *B Thunder-Ridge Go Super*B
     Dam: SGCH Branicur Farms TC Starburst (LA 02-04 88 VEVV)
     DOB: 5/19/2008
     LA: 06-00 89 (VVAE)
          : 07-00 91 (VEEE)        

          : 08-04 (dry - excused from appraisal)

          : 09-00 (dry - excused from appraisal)

          : 10-02 89 (VVEV)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Twinkl, co-owned by Nora McCoy of Hope Eternal Nubians, is a well-producing doe with a wonderful udder that is well balanced both from the rear and from the side, and also has good attachment. She exhibits width in the head that follows through her body to a wide, flat rump; straight legs; and a friendly disposition.

     Lactation record:
DHIR 04-10 113 880
DHIR 05-08 305 2613
                 (324 2718)
DHIR 06-08 305 2446
                 (343 2639)
CDCB 09-09 258 1510

Progeny in the Herd:
     Hope Eternal Peaches For Me

     Top photo: Twinkl at 10 years old. Middle photo: Rear udder, fifth freshening. Bottom photo: Twinkl at 7 years old.

SG Grand Design Lady Kazmer 1*M

     Sire: *B Saada Tizod Las Vegas (LA 07-05 91 EEE)

     Dam: Grand Design Starr Anise
     DOB: 5/5/2012

     LA: YS 01-01 + (+++)

          : 02-00 85 (+V+V)
          : 03-00 91 (VEEE)
          : 04-04 (dry - excused from appraisal)
          : 05-00 90 (VEVE)
          : 06-02 90 (EEEV)
     G6S Normal via Test


Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Kaz has so much presence and class. She is one of my "special babies"; I adore her. She is very refined, dairy, and elegant, with supple, elastic skin, a long, thin neck, and, of course, that beautiful, soft udder. She has excellent depth of body and a naturally level topline, and moves smoothly, with good natural carriage. She receives glowing compliments from appraisers and just about anyone who sees her. To top it off, she is a production trooper, with two extended lactations under her belt.

     Lactation Record:

DHIR 01-11 245 1120

DHIR 02-09 305 2596

                  (510 3854)

CDCB 04-11 305 1828

                  (486 2688)

Progeny in the Herd:

     SG Grand Design Strawberry Peep

     Top photo: Lady Kazmer at 6 years old, carrying an extended lactation at around 439 days. Middle photo: rear udder, second freshening. Bottom photo: Lady Kazmer at 4 years old, also carrying an extended lactation.

Hope Eternal Peaches For Me 2*M

   Sire: *B Veteran's Blue Lightning (LA 03-05 90 EEV)

   Dam: Abelity Super*B's Yes-A-Twinkl 1*M (LA 07-00 91 VEEE)
   DOB: 1/25/2014

   LA: YS V (VVV)

          : 01-04 V (VVV)

          : 02-08 84 (V+V+)

          : 03-04 86 (V+VV)

          : 04-06 86 (VVVV)

    G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Peach is similar to her dam, Twinkl, in carriage and personality. She has good rear legs, feet, back, and rump; a nice, short, broad head; good flare to her ears, and bright eyes. Please note that she did not have a 12-hour fill in her conformation photo. Pictured at 4 years old.

     Lactation record:
CDCB 02-02 305 1784
                    (677 3245)
CDCB 04-02 200 1380

Progeny in the Herd:

     Grand Design Blue On Black

Chalivah MMM Yiuta 1*M

   Sire: Pruittville's Music Man (LA 05-02 88 VEV)

   Dam: Chalivah MM Magnolia (LA 04-03 89 VEVE)

   DOB: 3/7/2014

   LA: YS V (VVV)

          : 01-02 + (+++)

          : 02-06 87 (VAEV)

          : 03-02 88 (VVVV)

          : 04-04 85 (V+VV)

    G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

Yiuta (said to be one of the original Apache words the name "Utah" was derived from, and which is pronounced the same) is a long-bodied doe with good substance. She has nice shape to her ears, good legs and feet, and a decent head. She's an extremely personable, friendly doe, and loves receiving (and giving!) attention. Please note that she did not have a full 12-hour fill when this photo was taken.

     Lactation record:
CDCB 02-00 305 1508

                     (741 3150)

CDCB 04-03 148 513

Progeny in the Herd:

     Grand Design Chiltic

SG Grand Design Strawberry Peep 2*M

     Sire: *B Jacobs Pride Scotch Maxim (LA 05-04 88 VEV)

     Dam: SG Grand Design Lady Kazmer 1*M (LA 03-00 91 VEEE)

     DOB: 4/20/2014

     LA: 01-01 V (VVEc)

          : 02-05 89 (VEEV)

          : 03-01 89 (VVEV)

          : 04-03 87 (VEV+)

     G6S Normal via Parentage

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Peep is an absolutely stunning young doe. She has wonderful breed character; fine, supple, dairy skin; depth and width of body; excellent feet and legs; beautiful general appearance...yes, I am very excited about her. She is an impressively mature-bodied doe for her age, and I love her disposition. Please note that she did not have a full 12-hour fill when this photo was taken.

     Lactation record:
CDCB 02-00 305 1781

                    (516 2772)

CDCB 03-10 153 1238

Progeny in the Herd:

     Grand Design Raspberry Pi

Grand Design Molly Malone 6*M

     Sire: *B Jacobs Pride Scotch Maxim (LA 05-04 88 VEV)
     Dam: Saada Princess Marney Mac 5*M (LA 03-03 86 VVEV)
     DOB: 2/11/2015
     LA: 01-07 V (VVV)
          : 02-03 84 (+V+V)
          : 03-05 86 (VVVV)
     G6S Normal via Parentage

Pedigree may be viewed here.

     Molly is a very tall first freshener with a very nice first-freshening udder. Nicely proportioned, excellent udder texture, almost no first-freshening edema, and easy to milk out due to her properly sized orifices. She had an easy time birthing normal-sized triplets as a first freshener, and by day seven of her lactation, was producing between 7 and 8 lbs per day. She is a lovely general-appearance doe with length of bone, nice shoulders, back, and legs, dairy strength and character, and a slightly flighty but overall tractable disposition.

     Lactation Record:

CDCB 02-00 305 1895

                     (343 2065)

CDCB 03-01 211 1258

Progeny in the Herd:

     Grand Design Colcannon

Grand Design Chiltic

     Sire: *B Saada Finn MacCool (LA 05-02 89 VEE)
     Dam: Chalivah MMM Yiuta 1*M (LA 03-02 88 VVVV)

     DOB: 3/3/2016
     LA: 02-04 85 (VVV+) 
     G6S Normal via Parentage

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Chili was extremely easy to train to the milk stand, and is lovely to milk - soft udder texture, nice teat size, and proper orifice size. She follows me around, quietly asking for affection, and is sweet to have around. She has lovely breed character, length of body, and good feet.

     Lactation Record:

CDCB 02-00 140 470