Grand Design Nubians

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Reference Does

Grand Design Starr Anise

     Sire: Cross-B-Ranch Magic Wizard
     Dam: Spellbound Nutmeg
     DOB: 1/25/2007

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Starr was one of my most beloved does of all time, and I miss her dearly. She was a very dairy doe with nice, elastic skin, beautifully fine hair texture, a well-proportioned udder, level topline, and good prominence of brisket. She moved tall-fronted and smooth and had a steady personality. Rear udder photo taken in her third lactation.
Lactation Record:
02-04 305 1811
03-04 238 1515
04-03 271 1728
05-04 305 2071

06-04 49 257


     Grand Design Blue Joshua (LA 06-01 91 EEE)

     Grand Design Lady Kazmer 1*M (LA 03-00 91 (VEEE)

Saada Princess Marney Mac 5*M

     Sire: +*B Rocking Thistle Prince Andrew (LA 02-02 78 A+A)
     Dam: SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M (LA 04-05 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 2/23/2011

     LA: 02-04 81 (++A+)

          : 03-03 86 (VVEV)

          : 04-03 83 (+V+V)

          : 05-07 86 (VVE+)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Emmy is the result of an AI breeding, and she is a sweetheart. She has a strong head, beautiful ears, and nicely angled rear legs, and she is also very good in feet and udder texture. Emmy has some of the kindest eyes I've ever seen on a Nubian, and she was a willing milker. She has issues with her forelegs and shoulders (they are too far forward, leading to difficulty walking and lameness), and I am working to improve that in her daughters as quickly as possible. Emmy herself is now retired.

     Lactation Record:
02-00 305 1884

DHIR 03-00 305 2350

                   (309 1911)

CDCB 05-02 305 1900

                   (360 1647)

CDCB 06-02 305 14

Progeny in the Herd:

Grand Design Molly Malone

Price O The Field Miss Marleen 1*M

     Sire: *B Price O The Field Royal Silver (LA 01-01 86 VV+)

     Dam: Price O The Field Miss Maureen (LA 05-03 91 EEEE)

     DOB: 3/14/2014

     LA: YS V (VV+)

        : 01-02 V (VV+)

        : 02-06 86 (VVE+)

        : 03-02 86 (+V+V)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Lactation record:

CDCB 02-01 293 1670

CDCB 03-01 83 720

     Missy is dam of Grand Design EspĂ­ritu Eco. She is a decent general-appearance doe with silky, fine hair; stretchy, thin skin; and a remarkably soft udder. She milked out quickly and easily, and had no complications kidding her first time with substantial twin bucklings, and the second time also with twins. She was very timid and tended to be flighty. 

Grand Design Kikira

     Sire: Grand Design Blue Joshua (LA 05-05 91 EEE)

     Dam: SG Grand Design Strawberry Peep 2*M (LA 03-01 89 VVEV) 

     DOB: 4/17/2016

LA: YS 00-05 V (+VEc)

     G6S Normal via Parentage

     Lactation Record:

CDCB 01-11 56 366

SGCH Branicur Farms TC Starburst

     Sire: Branicur Farms Blazin' Tom Cat (LA 03-06 78 AV+)
     Dam: SGCH Branicur*Farms Shooting Star
     DOB: 2/5/2005
     LA: 02-04 88 VEVV

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Starburst is the dam of Abelity Super*B's Yes-A-Twinkl.
     Top image of Starburst, and linked photo of Shooting Star, by Branicur Farms and used with permission.

SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M

     Sire: *B Saada Khair-Ed-Din (LA 03-03 91 EEE)
     Dam: SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M (LA 03-01 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 2/21/2007
     LA: 04-05 92 EEEE

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Dam of the sweet Saada Princess Marney Mac
     Images by Saada Dairy Goats and used with permission.

Lactation Record:

01-01 305 1472

02-01 221 1960

03-01 221 2050

04-00 205 1710

SG Saada Absolutely Obsidian 8*M

     Sire: *B Saada Saadi El Shiraz
     Dam: SG Saada Gilasin Babbett (LA 05-03 89 E+EE)
     DOB: 2/6/2006
     LA: 03-06 92 EEEE

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Obsidian is the dam of Saada Tizod Las Vegas.
     Images by Saada Dairy Goats and used with permission.

Lactation Record:

01-00 253 1420

02-00 305 2175

03-02 234 1870

05-00 202 1300

06-01 124 630

Reference Bucks

*B Goldthwaite Zorion

     Sire: SG *B Goldthwaite Bootonniere (LA 01-05 90 VEE)
     Dam: GCH Goldthwaite My Bonny Felicity 6*M (LA 05-05 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 1/18/2010

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     I loved this buck. Zorion was a sharp, angular buck linebred on Goldthwaite My Bonny Love. With fantastic height, breed character, and proportions, he stamped his kids with the same tall, sharp type, and he was incredibly sweet and gentle as well - a characteristic his son, Joshua, carries.


     Grand Design Blue Joshua (LA 04-05 91 EEE)

*B Jacobs Pride Scotch Maxim

     Sire: J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim (LA 02-02 90 EEE)
     Dam: SGCH Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M (LA 06-06 92 EEEE) 
     LA: 05-04 88 VEV
     DOB: 1/9/2012
     G6S Normal via Testing

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Maxim, owned by Nora McCoy of Hope Eternal Nubians, was the sire of the beautiful does SG Grand Design Strawberry Peep and Grand Design Molly Malone. He was one of our "rescues," as he was very run-down when we got him. His paternal granddam, SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M, was 2009 ADGA National Reserve Senior Champion & Best Udder, while his maternal granddam, SGCH Jacobs Pride Butterscot Pudd'n 8*M, was 2010 ADGA National Show Reserve Grand Champion & Reserve Best Udder.

*B Saada Casimir MacCleary

     Sire: *B Rocking-Thistle Prince Andrew
     Dam: SGCH Saada El-Pekah 4*M (LA 04-05 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 2/23/2011    
     LA: YS V (VEV); 02-07 88 (VEE)

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     MacCleary's littermate sister, Princess Marney Mac, and son, Finn MacCool, are a part of my herd.

     Image by Saada Dairy Goats and used with permission.