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Loveland Burn Card

     Sire: *B Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree
     Dam: SG Hylands Half N Half (LA 04-02 86 V+E+)
     DOB: 3/12/2012

     LA: 01-03 80 (+++)

          : 02-02 85 (+VE)

          : 03-02 90 (EEE)

          : 04-06 88 (VVV)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

Burn is a massive buck in all respects - height, length, and width. He has wonderful masculinity; excellent, elastic skin; appealing dairyness; good shape to the ears, and excellent breed character. He also posesses exceptional length and decent depth of body without losing strength of back, good spring of rib, and excellent, wide hooves. He improves breed character, ear, spring of rib, and body capacity on his offspring, and, as a bonus, he's thrown mostly paint kids.

Selling due to having too many bucks, and Burn's drive is too high for comfort in our multi-buck pens.


Hope Eternal Elysian Fields

     Sire: Price-O-The-Field Deacon (LA 02-04 85 V++)

     Dam: Loveland KT Lois Lane (LA 06-00 88 VEEV)

     DOB: 4/23/2013

     LA: 01-01 84 (+V+)

          : 02-01 87 (VVV)

          : 03-05 86 (+VV)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

"Cheerio", as we call him around the barn, is a strong young buck. He has excellent width and size, a curious disposition, good skin and hair, sharp shoulders, very good feet, and a strong back. His pedigree is packed with good animals, and his dam has a nicely balanced and soft udder.

Selling due to having too many bucks, and owning too much stock that is closely related to him.


*B Jacobs Pride Scotch Maxim

Sire: J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim (LA 04-04 90 VEE)
Dam: SGCH Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M (LA 06-06 92 EEEE)
DOB: 1/9/2012
LA: 04-08 78 (AVV)

     : 05-04 88 (VEV)

G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Maxim is an overall tall, dairy buck with good breed character, excellent rear legs, and excellent dairy character; he is very good overall. Dispositionally, he has a very high libido and has a tendancy to be hot. His sire and dam, J&R Spirits Dakota Maxim and Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks, are both well-known animals His first daughter in milk, SG Grand Design Strawberry Peep 2*M (pictured left middle), is very dairy and has improved breed character over her dam. His second daughter in milk, Grand Design Molly Malone (pictured left bottom), is improved in sharpness, dairy strength (including fine skin and hair), and mammary over her dam.

$850 OBO

     Offering in behalf of Nora McCoy of Hope Eternal Nubians.