Grand Design Nubians

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Grand Design Blue Joshua

     Sire: *B Goldthwaite Zorion
     Dam: Grand Design Starr Anise
     DOB: 4/15/2011
     LA: 02-02 88 (VVV)

          : 03-01 86 (VV+)

          : 04-01 91 (EEE)

          : 05-05 91 (EEE)

          : 06-01 91 (EEE)
     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Josh is a very tall buck with lovely dairyness, good legs, nice width of rump, wonderful skin and hair, and a beautiful head and ears with very little control. He is one of the gentlest bucks I have ever handled, which is good, considering his size! Josh is another one of my extra beloved animals, and I'm proud to have bred him and own him.

     Grand Design EspĂ­ritu Real (YS LA V VEcV)

*B Saada Tizod Las Vegas

     Sire: +B Saada Ishmael (LA 03-04 90 EEV)
     Dam: SG Saada Absolutely Obsidian 8*M (LA 03-06 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 2/25/2011
     LA: 02-04 85 (VV+)

          : 03-03 88 (VEV)

          : 04-03 90 (VEE)

          : 05-07 90 (VEE)

          : 06-03 87 (V+E)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Vegas is a wide, solid buck with a lot going for him. He is excellent in dairy strength, posesses beautiful rump angle, has excellent rear legs and shoulder assembly, and very good general appearance and excellent dairy strength and body capacity. He improves dairy character, body capacity, strength of pastern and hoof, and breed character in his offspring.

Progeny in the Herd:
     Grand Design Lady Kazmer (LA 03-00 91 VEEE)

*B Saada Finn MacCool

     Sire: *B Saada Casimir MacCleary (02-07 88 VEE)
     Dam: SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender 4*M (LA 05-02 92 EEEE)
     DOB: 3/1/2012
     LA: 01-03 78 (A+A)

          : 02-02 87 (VEV)

          : 03-02 89 (VEV)

          : 04-06 89 (VEE)

          : 05-02 89 (VEE)

     G6S Normal via Test

Full pedigree may be viewed here.

     Cool is a very regal buck; he carries himself like a bull elk, with his head always high. He keeps lovely rear leg angulation when he walks, a good head, good forelegs and tight, excellent shoulders. He is excellent in dairy strength, and very good in general appearance and body capacity. Though he has the tendancy to be shy, I like his overall tractability and gentleness.